Mkomazi Natural Park

At the end of your stay at Mambo View Point, you can jump directly into the next step of your Tanzanian adventure and discover the Mkomazi National Park located between 300 and 1600 m above sea level, very rich ungulates where over twenty species have been reported, including the big five. Reptile species such as Crocodiles and Pythons are also found. Furthermore, over 450 birds species have been recorded. Mkomazi is much less frequented by the big safari companies as all the most famous Tanzanian parks and offers an unique opportunity to discover the magic of African flora and fauna in a peaceful, more natural atmosphere. As you walk down from the lodge towards the Maasai plain, you submerge into the land of rice and cotton fields, spectacular baobabs with a a day or two safari in the park admiring the unique beauty of the African wildlife.