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MamboViewPoint is a special destination:

What it is:
* An end-destination
* Remote but stunning because of it’s nature and views.
* A wonderful place for walking, biking, nature, birds and culture enthusiasts.
* A place to learn about the Tanzanian culture.
* A nice place to relax after a safari, before going to Zanzibar/Pangani.
* An Eco lodge for people who respect the nature and the environment.

What it is not:
* A quick pass-trough hotel
* Easy to reach
* A destination for the mass tourism
* A central place from where to visit Tanzania
* A “Mzungu place” without local people

4 reasons to come or maybe not…

MamboViewPoint Eco lodge is literally and proverbial a top location situated in the Usambara mountains on one of the most beautiful spots in Tanzania, on the top of a 1900 meter cliff with almost 360o breathtaking views including the Kilimanjaro.
It is a mid-range facility and is focusing on tourists who care about sustainable ways of traveling therefore can spend a bit more to contribute to the area development. However we also offer backpackers

Being an Eco lodge means that MamboViewPoint is using as little energy as possible f.e. by using solar and wind energy and tries to have a small footprint on its environment. On top of that, it is socially and economically well embedded in the region.

MamboViewPoint has a family approach where guests can meet each other, the owners and the staff. Also food is served at the same time for everybody on a huge table and/or with the fire. This is very much appreciated.

Location > Have a look at our location and directions to MvP

Basically we offer 2 options:

On B&B, HB or FB base. 50% has to be paid in advance. All other, like dinners and tours can be paid at the end of the stay. Commission for these bookings is 5 to 15% depending of the amount of guests you bring.

All-In packages. This is valid for hikes from Lushoto to Mambo or stays in Mambo with day walks. The prices for this include stays, food, transport to or from Lushoto or Mombo and taxes. for tour operators we offer 10% discount on these packages.

Payment possible by Cash, USD bank account, Tzs bank account, Credit card, Paypal, Mpesa or Euro bank account. 

CRDB Tzs account:
Account number: 015C480135100 Bank: CRDB Korogwe Branch Name: AD VIEWS MANAGEMENT LIMITED

CRDB USD account:
Account number: 025C480135100 Bank: CRDB Korogwe Branch Name: AD VIEWS MANAGEMENT LIMITED

EURO account:

Iban: GB06 REVO 0099 7078 8211 01
Name: Dagmara Ikiert
Currency: EUR (€)

MPesa: 0769522420 (Name: Mambo Lodge)
If you choose to pay by a bank transfer please send a copy of the pay slip. Let us know if you prefer to pay by a credit card.

Our suggestions for your tours in the Usambaras

MamboViewPoint is an end destination and not a place to pass by for only one night. People walking from Lushoto arriving at night and wanting to go back the next day with the early bus better stay in a local facility because they will miss the best of MamboViewPoint and the area.

From Lushoto it is three days walking to our place. This can be abbreviated by taking the bus somewhere on the route, which all go in the afternoon. For staying overnight during a tour through the Usmabara’s, a mix of local guesthouses and one or more midd-range hotels like MamboViewPoint can offer tourists a nice variety in experiencing the Usambara’s.

The Usambara mountains, Lushoto, Mkomzi National Park and MamboViewPoint with our signature hikes in the region can be planned on the route from Arusha/Moshi to Tanga or Zanzibar or the other way around. From Mtae there is a road down to Langoni / Mnazi. From there it is one hour drive to the tarmac road Dar-es-Salaam – Arusha. The road from Mtae to Langoni is steep and a 4×4 car is recommended.

>>> Have a look at the variety of activities available in the area

Structure & Kitchen

MamboViewPoint is situated on a large terrain, on the top of a cliff.
Every accommodation has a lot of privacy and a spacious platform with view.
Next to the houses and tents are small fields where it is possible to pitch a small tent for children. We also have a playground for children with a trampoline and swings.
There is a special kitchen and relaxing place for families of groups who want to cook themselves.
There are many nice places to walk and relax or to enjoy the sunrise or sunset. In the future, we are planning on building a sauna, a Jacuzzi and a massage place. Our kitchen provides food in European style, with local dishes, fresh products, variety of vegetables and fruits. Our standard dinner buffet consists of a selection of various vegetables, vegetarian dishes, beef, rice and potatoes, a simple dessert, juice, drinking water, coffee/tea.

Guides & Hikes

Please notice that our Eco Lodge is perfectly located in the heart of the Usambaras, 2 hours car drive from Lushoto, giving you plenty of opportunities to discover the mountains’ stunning hiking paths. We can help you with any activities in the area, we can arrange for a transportation, a local guide etc. We provide maps and all the explanations that you may need in order to explore the region. Please note that our knowledgeable guides are locally trained and by choosing to hike with them you contribute to the protection of the natural reserves, to the development of the local community and you are making sure that your adventure is safe, well organized and reasonable priced.

However, if you decide to hike with your own guide, please be aware that any unfortunate situations that might occur will be at your own responsibility.  

General conditions:

Payment: Payment in advance for half of the B&B rates is required to secure all reservations. (For one night reservations and camping we require 100% advance payment.)

Payment for the balance, food, guided tours etc. can be made at the end of your stay. Sender is responsible for all bank transfer fees. Non-accommodation payments incurred at the hotel are accepted preferable in Tanzanian Shillings, but also Euros or USD, credit card or electronic bank transfers (subject to hotel exchange rates). Please note that, due to the fact that local banks do not accept USD notes dated prior to 2006, we also are unable to accept them.

Cancellation Policy

Because of the high banking costs there is no refund in case of down payment of 50% or less or 100% in case of one night stay or camping.

In all other cases the down payment over 50% will be refunded minus the banking costs if the cancellation is not more than 14 days before the first day of the booking. In case of 14 days or less before the stay, no refund is possible.

Although our invoice is in dollars when you are in Mambo we prefer a final payment in shillings, but payment in dollars or by credit card is also possible. We offer a fair exchange rate.

Note: All rates are exclusive TDL (Tourist Development Levy) and VDF (Village Development Fund), both $ 1.50 per night.